Board of Education meeting, June 28th 2017

Article by: CCC Staff

Bill Brod Community Center, Room 127
Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5:00 pm BUFFET DINNER (Community Center, Room 126)
5:30 pm WORK SESSION (Community Center, Room 127)
1. Website Redesign Update – Executive Director Jack Hardy p 5
2. Foundation Annual Report – Foundation Executive Director Paul Moredock p 7


6:30 pm BUDGET HEARING (Community Center, Room 127)
1. Hearing on the Proposed 2017/18 Budget
This time is designated for comments on the 2017/18 Proposed Budget only. All speakers must signin on the “Speaker Sign-In Sheet” provided on the table at the entry-way to CC 127. Everyone signing in must print legibly, note their address, and whether they are a student, staff, or community member. Comments are limited to three minutes. This is an opportunity for testimony. Respectful consideration is expected for all comments.
6:35 pm REGULAR SESSION (Community Center, Room 127)

I CALL TO ORDER – Chair Richard Oathes


All speakers must sign in on the “Comments from the Audience, Speaker Sign-In Sheet” provided on the table at the entryway to CC 127. Everyone signing in is asked to print legibly, note their address so informational material can be mailed to them, note whether they are a student, staff, or community member, and briefly describe the topic of testimony. Comments are limited to three minutes. This is an opportunity for testimony. Respectful consideration is expected for all comments. Individual personnel issues/concerns must not be discussed in a general public meeting.

The Consent Agenda is designed to expedite the handling of routine and miscellaneous business of the Clackamas Community College Board of Education. By request of any Board member, an item may be removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion.
1. Approval of:
a. Minutes (Executive, Work, and Regular Sessions) 5.10.17 R16/17-50a p 9
b. Minutes (Retreat/Work Session) 5.19.2017 R16/17-50b p 17
c. Monthly Financial Report – Director Chris Robuck R16/17-50c p 19
d. Capital Projects (Bond) Financial Report – Director Chris Robuck R16/17-50d p 21
e. Revision to 17/18 Board Meeting Schedule – President Truesdell R16/17-50e p 23
f. Contract Award: 2017/18 Schedule Printing & Mailing – Exec Director Jack Hardy R16/17-50f p 27

2. President’s Business Report – President Joanne Truesdell
- New Hire Introductions
- Recognize Outgoing Association Presidents
- Recognize Board Members Jean Bidstrup and Richard Oathes
3. Oregon Local Government Intermediate Fund Report – Director Chris Robuck p 29

4. President Profile & Timeline – Search Co-Chairs Jane Reid and Ron Adams R16/17-51 p 31
5. 2016/17 Budget Amendment – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-52 p 37
6. 2017/18 Budget Adoption – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-53 p 39
7. 2017/18 Budget Appropriations – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-54 p 41
8. Contract Award: DeJardin Expansion/Transit Center – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-55 p 45
9. Contract Award: Bond Project Coordination Phase V – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-56 p 51
10. Contract Award: Env. Learning Center/Newell Creek Headwaters – VP Alissa Mahar R16/17-57 p 55
11. High School Pathway Easement – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-58 p 59
12. Professional Roster – Vice President Alissa Mahar R16/17-59 p 71
13. Administrative/Confidential Compensation – President Joanne Truesdell R16/17-60 p 73

14. Personnel Report – Dean Patricia Anderson Wieck p 75
15. Future Board Agenda Items – Board Chair (Refer to Board Planning Calendar)
16. Board Chair Business Report
17. President Search Update – Jane Reid & Ron Adams, Co-Chairs
18. Clackamas Community College Education Foundation – Jean Bidstrup, Board Liaison
19. Oregon Community College Association – Ron Adams, Board Liaison
20. Oregon School Boards Association Legislative Policy Committee – Ron Adams, Committee Member
21. Bond Project Citizen Oversight Committee – Jane Reid, Co-Chair p 77
22. Board of Education Community Reports

23. Associated Student Government (ASG) – Jairo Rodriguez, President
24. Full-Time Faculty – Nora Brodnicki, President p 81
25. Part-Time Faculty – Leslie Ormandy, President p 87
26. Classified – Enrique Farrera, President


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